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Matt working on The Gates
Matt working on The Gates
2005 Central Park.

2007 Statement

Art is.

Meaning, art exists in itself. Art has an identity, a purpose, a community of believers, a history and a future.

I make art in order to become engaged in living and enjoy the process.

Art is a creation of the world as one interprets it. I am an expanding product of my time and place, with inclinations towards intelligence, the individual, atheism, artistic expression, and crime.

Art is the only interpretation able to communicate itself in multiple mutually incompatible ideas while not destroying its credibility.

The art I create reflects an understanding of the world not readily shared.

The art you are viewing continues a theme and tradition of the philosophy of critique. Historically, the artist has created the possibilities necessary to exercise a falsification of life into the ideals of perfection. In revealing the flaws of truth, reality is exhibited in its most authentic, recognizable, desirable form.

My art investigates the history of the world through the avant-garde notion of Vach ’s UMOR: “Accept nothing, trust no one, ridicule everything.” Criticism is only limited to what is known. The ideas that commit one to an understandable existence are rejected. Life becomes an unattainable attempt to make sense out of chaos, keep one’s dignity, and be satisfied with the results. Happiness (and even being content) is ephemeral. It is a constant struggle to communicate with a disinterested void. The race towards death keeps abreast with the artist’s incomplete statement.

I create to feel as if my existence matters.

2006 Statement

In my attempt to move beyond the confusion and temptations of language, visual aesthetics alone prove futile.
One is forced to explain, even if it is unnecessary.
The purpose of these pretty pictures may not immediately appear clear to an untrained mind.
It is very difficult to sufficiently represent an idea, especially one’s own.
But to do it in multiple mediums creates the larger problem of consistency.
No one likes to be lied to, and the importance at stake of believing in someone else cannot be taken for granted.
People are everywhere trying to exist without a definitive focus.
That is fine.
Others want something, and still more would rather die.
Whatever one’s approach to being an existent, the aesthetics displayed here will not be denied.
Philosophical paranoia is a good attribute to be blessed with.
The world saves and praises just a few.
That decision remains to be finalized.
Sorry, no art stories here.


Art, no matter how it ultimately began, eventually means many different things. An artist (or more specifically, a person) spends one’s life thinking up and creating objects to be appreciated in a particular manner. This intention can appear subtle or extreme or not at all. Nevertheless, sometimes works of art accomplish what it is their existence once tried to be. But more times than not, the effort is aborted, whether willingly or forced, and left to become a thing of the past. The continual production, refusal to destroy, and hopes to share, perhaps attracts the attention of others whom wish to express similar attitudes. The successful work of art invents and extracts the will of the artistic community in a certainly provocative sign of eternal and modern themes. At this particular time, in this exact place, among these unique individuals, an artwork is what it is. The originator could never have intended all possible scenarios concerning the appreciation of one’s art, although the credit and/or blame is passed along anyways.

This world has very seldomly produced a thing that continues to please and benefit its existents. Instead, it has a tendency to distort and accentuate everything that ever wished for permeance. It must eventually do the same to all the icons defining the meaning of art. Art however, by its very nature accomplishes the representation of something that will last. This act of creation defines the transcendence of the perfect, yet plastic, world. Nothing is ever needed without first a disappointment about what should really be. The artist works to make pretty the best the present has to offer, while propagating an unattainable actuality, and envisioning the unlikely future. To accept the disaster of destiny and at the same time praise its unexpected happiness, can elevate an artwork to historic consequences. Nothing is promised, and in fact, the worst is always expected. The role of art and the artist is to circumvent this viewpoint and redirect one’s perspective towards imaginable possibilities.

To say the least, a pretty picture cannot influence famine or disease, a sculpture will not assist in the advancement of technology or peace, a photograph does not provide shelter or a prospect for tomorrow. Ideas do, however, create the illusions necessary to ease the suffering and hope for more. The institution of art is an intricate way in which human beings accomplish these vital goals.

I attempt to enjoy this existence (and make it more enjoyable) without succumbing to the inevitability of the negative. My art positively reinforces the idea that life is life and is worth living. Now it is up to the observer to decide whether this effort was worthwhile.