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Superart = Happy Ängst

Leedy-Voulkos Art Center, Opie Gallery
2012 Baltimore, Kansas City, MO.

Opens: February 3, 2006, 6-9 PM
Showing February 3-25, Thursday-Saturday 11am-5pm

I Am God

Artist Matt Walston Goes Missing.

Artist Matt Walston hasn’t been heard from in six months, but don’t worry. He does this every time. As his main collector, I organize shows only to watch him disappear. Nobody hears a word for months, then trinkets and doodads start trickling in from remote locations like Peru, mailed from equally remote but different locations like Cambodia. They come with scrawled notes about the advantages of suicide, requests for cash and long essays on fruitless attempts to find sexually adventurous locals. Before long comes the art, paintings and sculptures, usually stuffed full of jungle hallucinogens with instructions for how to use them and a strict warning not to.

So, as is the usual, I have no idea what the art looks like, but it’s probably good. His last communique mentioned Princess Diana, Osama Bin Laden and cave paintings of rabid albino buffalo, but that may not mean a thing. I sent Matt an advance based on a predicted workload of at least 15 paintings and 3 sculptures, so I expect to have something to hang. I better, people are missing the Olympics for this.

Large Dreams of Success
The Chicken Herders
Small Dreams of Success
Network of Small Stoppages
I Am God
Hitchcock Offends Reagan, Diana and Michael
Network of Bigger Stoppages
In the Cave with Osama and the Panty Bandit
Mini Chicken Herders
In the Lincoln Bedroom with Laura Bush and the Panty Bandit
Ol' Dirty Bastard Was a Communist, Felon and Surrealist
Shark-O Harp-O
Dr. Hunter S. Thompson Scooped the Pope, McDonald's and Egyptology
Saint and Slaves Karamazov
The Thrill and Prestige of Selling Out
Smokers are Still Heros
Pure Evil and Things to Kick
Assface's Life and Death (Everyone Screws Another)
Paint Sculpture on Beaver Body
The New Communism (JFK - Esus Ucking Rist)
Ode to MOMA's Hare
Coke Brain


In my attempt to move
beyond the confusion
and temptations of language,
visual aesthetics alone
prove futile.
One is forced
to explain,
even if it is
The purpose of these pretty pictures
may not immediately appear
to an untrained mind.
It is very
difficult to sufficiently
an idea,
one’s own. But
to do it in multiple mediums creates
the larger problem
of consistency.
No one likes to be
lied to, and the importance
at stake
of believing in someone else
be taken for granted.
People are everywhere trying to
exist without
a definitive focus.
That is fine.
Others want something,
and still more
would rather die.
Whatever one’s approach
to being
an existent,
the aesthetics displayed here
Philosophical paranoia is
a good attribute to
be blessed with.
The world
saves and praises
just a few.
That decision
to be finalized.
no art stories here.